Schwarzenegger Insists He Won't Cancel Election

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, July 25, 2005

Schwarzenegger told reporters that despite the fact that two of the eight propositions have been thrown off the ballot by judges within the last five days, his course is set.
 "We are moving forward with our agenda.  Just in case there is a confusion out there or you have questions about that.  We are moving forward as planned." Schwarzenegger said he was pleased that Ted Costa, the author of the redistricting initiative Proposition 77, is appealing the judge’s rejection of the initiative.   Sacramento Democratic Assemblyman Dave Jones says Republican legislators have already signaled they would not vote to cancel the election. "Since 2/3 vote is required, he’s kinda stuck.  Even if he wanted to pull the plug, which he probably should, given how poorly these initiatives are faring right now."
 Both Schwarzenegger and Jones said they still hope for a bipartisan compromise on redistricting and budget control that could win voter support in the election.