Renewed Calls to Stop Special Election are Likely

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, July 25, 2005

The most recent Public Policy Institute Poll shows 54 percent of Californians think the Governor should not hold a special election—a few months ago 61 percent said it would be better to wait.  But following a court decision that’s pulled his re-districting measure off the ballot, Political Analyst Tony Quinn says the Governor should find some way to stop the election. “You have to wonder why he would want to continue on a road that appears to be leading to certain political defeat.”
Alan Zaremberg is co-chairman of Citizens to Save California, the organization sponsoring the Governor’s initiative to limit budget spending. He says that measure is reason enough to keep on.  “Our research indicates that the public strongly supports the Governor and him as a messenger.” 

Spokespersons for the Governor have said he has no intention of backing off, while Democratic leaders have said there is little hope compromise initiatives could be worked out in time.