Blood Donors Needed In Summer

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(Stockton, CA)
Monday, July 25, 2005

Summer is the time of year when people take vacations, but the need for blood never takes a vacation. There's always someone who for a variety of reasons needs blood.

John O'Neill of the Delta Blood Bank says usually there are thousands of regular donors who can be called upon if a shortage or emergency occurs. But during the summer months, even the regulars are difficult to locate.

"Perhaps people's schedules are changed in the summertime. They get guests that visit them. They go off and do things for vacation. They travel more. They're more mobile. People that we rely on might not be available when we need them."

The Delta Blood Bank serves 18 hospitals in six counties in the Central Valley. The non-profit organization collects and distributes some 60-thousand pints of blood each year.

There are ten sites throughout the region where people can make a donation, many of which are open until 8:30 or nine o'clock at night to accommodate commuters.