Summer School Enrollment Increases in Stockton

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(Stockton, CA)
Thursday, July 21, 2005

Of the 40-thousand students enrolled in the more than three dozen schools in the Stockton Unified School District a record eight thousand are attending classes this summer.

 Spokeswoman Dianne Barth says the attendance jump is the result of a district wide push begun five years ago.  She says they wanted to make sure at risk kids didn't fall behind and to better prepare other students for statewide tests. 

"Teachers and counselors are letting students know that they really need to do need to take summer. That it can help them in their performance in the regular school year."

Algebra is the most popular subject among the older students. Younger ones flock to English language courses. Some enrollees are advanced placement students getting Health and Drivers Ed out of the way so they can focus on core subjects during the regular year.

The California Department of Education doesn't keep track of summer attendance, but a spokeswoman says, as in all districts, Stockton receives three dollars and sixty cents for every hour that a student attends a remedial class.