Parents of Teen Steroid Victim Outraged at Governor

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(Sacramento, CA)
Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Ray and Denise Garibaldi’s son Rob started taking dietary supplements when he was 15.  After high school he began using steroids and developed psychological problems that led to suicide.
Ray Garibaldi says Arnold Schwarzenegger profited from and promoted steroids. "He became a movie star after winning six Olympia titles, and it took steroids for him to win these titles, and if it wasn’t for steroids and these supplements, he wouldn’t have been a movie star and probably wouldn’t have been governor of this state."
 The Garibaldi’s contend Schwarzenegger should have promptly revealed his financial interest in muscle magazines that derive much of their income from dietary supplements.  They want the Fair Political Practices Commission to undo the governor’s veto of a supplement regulation bill.  The governor’s spokespeople say there was no conflict of interest, but that he has cut financial ties with the magazines to avoid any appearance of impropriety.