Dems File FPPC Complaint Against Governor

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(Sacramento, CA)
Tuesday, July 19, 2005

 Last Friday the governor severed his longstanding relationship with American Media, Incorporated and said he would accept no more payment for columns he writes for the companies’ two body building magazines.  Lance Olson, attorney for the state Democratic Party says if the Republican governor thought that ended the “Musclegate” controversy, he’s wrong. "Well, the fact that the governor cancelled the contract doesn’t unring the bell here. That he violated the law in our opinion.  And it’s pretty clear he’s not returning the money that he’s already accepted."
 Olson says the complaint urges the Fair Political Practices Commission to determine whether payments to the governor were illegal “honoraria.”   A spokesman for the governor says there was no conflict of interest.  Assembly Speaker Fabian Nunez says, for the time being at least, the legislature should resist the temptation to hold hearings on the matter.