Governor Accused of Conflict of Interest

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(Sacramento, CA)
Thursday, July 14, 2005

Democratic state Senator Jackie Speier says the governor’s contract with American Media, Incorporated- publisher of Flex, and Muscle and Fitness magazines – should be terminated immediately.  "The governor should not waste a minute restoring some integrity to his position and he should sever his relationship with this magazine." 
  Schwarzenegger will be paid by the publisher a minimum of one million dollars a year for five years to act as a consultant and editor.   Much of the magazines’ revenue comes from ads for dietary supplements.   Schwarzenegger last year vetoed a bill by senator Speier that would have cracked down on supplement use by high school athletes.
A spokesman for the governor says Schwarzenegger has long used supplements himself, opposes government regulation, has no conflict of interest, and that there are no plans to cut ties with the magazines.