Political Warriors Prepare for Special Election Battle

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(Sacramento, CA)
Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Governor Schwarzenegger says he wants to talk with Democrats about unifying compromises that will head off a costly election struggle.  State Democratic Party campaign tactician Bob Mulholland says the Governor is down in the polls, but not out.  "Nobody’s ever done for in politics.  Look at Nixon. He lost two elections: ’60 and ’62, and came back and haunted us for eight years, or seven years, but Schwarzenegger clearly is in trouble. The clown act is ended, and the voters are tired of it." 
  State Republican Party spokeswoman Karen Hanretty says, contrary to rumor, Republican morale is high.  "People at the grass roots level are ready to go start campaigning now.  They don’t want to wait another month.  The don’t wanta wait two more weeks.  They wanta get out there today and educate the public about these important issues." 
  Schwarzenegger, with business and G-O-P backing is pushing for voter approval of initiatives that would impose new budget controls, make teacher tenure harder to get, and give to a panel of retired judges the power to redraw political district boundary lines.