Governor's New Education Secretary Speaks Out

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(Sacramento, CA)
Tuesday, July 12, 2005

The governor’s new Secretary for Education, Alan Bersin, spoke to the Sacramento Press Club just 12 days after taking office.  Bersin says that as long as schools are funded by the state but administered locally, there will be a fundamental problem of accountability.  "Everybody knows that the status quo is not working either in the short term or, I think, over the long term in terms of revitalizing public education. " 
 Rick Pratt, an executive with the California School Boards Association, says Bersin’s speech seemed to attack to state’s school funding guarantee.  "I think the thing that upset me is the mantra that we’re hearing from a number of people in the administration that Proposition 98 is like this PACMAN that is gobbling up bigger and bigger chunks of the state budget. " 
 Governor Schwarzenegger’s Live Within Our Means ballot initiative would modify Prop 98 and could limit the growth of school spending.