New Technology Department Aims at Eventual Cost Savings

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, July 11, 2005

The new Department of Technology Services will consolidate formerly separate data centers that maintain the vital, “back office” business of state government.  Their efforts include tracking and managing diverse information from a number of departments ranging from D-M-V registration to welfare payments.

State Chief Information Officer Clark Kelso says reorganizing the centers under one roof should produce several benefits. 

“When you consolidate your technology management you typically improve security, you can improve performance, and you can do it cost effectively. Those are the three things we’re really looking for here.”
The new Department represents one of Governor Schwarzenegger’s plans to “blow up boxes” in reorganizing state government, but consolidation has been discussed for a decade.

Kelso says cost savings will eventually pick up but won’t amount to much over the next few years while the department is being established.