New TV Ad Blasts Schwarzenegger

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(Sacramento, CA)
Friday, July 8, 2005

The Alliance For A Better California says hundreds of thousands of public employee union members are being targeted by the governor   Alliance spokeswoman Robin Swanson says the new ad is just the start. "This actually the first in a series of statewide television ads we are going to air about the governor 'phenomenon of anger' campaign that he said he was going to launch. " 
 Recent polls show the governor’s popularity is declining, while opposition is growing to several of the ballot propositions he’s endorsed and to the November eighth special election itself.
The governor’s press secretary Margita Thompson says rumors the governor may try to cancel the election, are false. "We will absolutely not cancel the special election.  The governor will not cancel the special election.  What the state needs is structural reform. And it needs structural reform now."
  The governor’s backers say Schwarzenegger’s prospects will rise once he begins airing TV ads urging Californians to back his reform measures.