State Senator Makes Inquiry About National Guard Computer

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(Sacramento, CA)
Wednesday, July 6, 2005

State Senator Joe Dunn recently asked the California National Guard to preserve and produce for him all information pertaining to a special intelligence unit that allegedly spied on anti-war demonstrators.

Now Dunn claims he has received information from what he calls an "inside source" that the hard drive has been erased from the computer of a California National Guard Colonel, who the senator says resigned last week and left the state.

"The information that we received was that the Colonel's computer was erased deliberately."

Dunn says he wants possession of the computer from the Guard so it can be examined.

A spokesman says the Guard is in the process of responding to Senator Dunn's inquiry. He declined further comment.
The Guard has repeatedly denied the spying allegation. 

A military investigation is expected to begin today.