Legislature Prepares to Vote on Budget

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(Sacramento, CA)
Wednesday, July 6, 2005

Democrats and Republicans in the Assembly met in separate caucuses to hear their leaders explain the budget agreement that was reached Tuesday afternoon.  Conservative Republican Ray Haynes of Riverside says the budget doesn’t do enough to control spending.  "I’m holding back my vote this time because this is not fixing the structural problem.  And I’m trying to send the message wherever and talk to anybody who will listen that we are not dealing with the structural problem."
  Haynes says he’s unsure how many other Republicans, if any, would vote NO. 
Democrats appeared to be ready to provide 46 of the 54 votes needed for passage in the Assembly.  San Diego’s Juan Vargas says Democrats are not complaining.  "If there was any beer in there, we certainly couldn’t afford it under this budget, so, no, there’s no cryin’ in the beer.  You know, this is the deal we’ve made and this is the deal we’re gonna live with." Although Democrats are confident, their allies in the California Teachers Association and the Education Coalition released statements saying they were disappointed that the budget does not provide more money for the schools.