Bucho - Sacramento's Next Big Thing?

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(Sacramento, CA)
Wednesday, July 6, 2005

The members of Bucho describe their sound as an urban blend of soul, jazz, funk and Latin rhythms, an original musical gumbo to make you feel warm inside.

There’s definitely a warm and fuzzy vibe when you walk into their rehearsal space in mid-town Sacramento. The room is plastered with colorful cartoon frogs and pandas, that’s because during the day the space is used as a music preschool. It’s definitely not the typical dank, dark rehearsal space that usually comes to mind when you think of 7 guys coming together to churn out rock solid rhythms but then Bucho’s not your typical band.

Lead singer and guitarist Gerald Pease says they’re all pretty upbeat guys. "There’s no cussing. We’re not an angry bunch of fellas, we’re real positive and intelligent about things. We think about our music a lot and that shows as well. We’re not just up there to jump around and be goofy. We’re definitely trying to convey a message through music and the words we sing."

Bucho’s positive attitude comes through on their self-titled debut album that came out two years ago on the Houseccat label and was later picked up by Dig Music, the same company that put four Jackie Greene albums out. You can hear that upbeat mind-set on tracks like Time to Live.Housecat records released Bucho's first album before they went out of business about two years ago. DIG is however, distributing the album currently.

In addition to being a positive group of guys, the members of Bucho are pretty accomplished musicians. They’ve studied classical and jazz at places like UC Santa Cruz and Stanford.

Trumpeter Anthony Coleman is a graduate of the Brubeck Institute at University of the Pacific in Stockton. "We have lots of improv in this band which is one of my favorite things about it. With the Brubeck Institute type of thing it’s more of a, you listen and react to the situation. In jazz they create atmospheres for me so I could just respond to that. This is always pretty much close to the same atmosphere so I have to try to make it sound different every single time which is a very difficult thing to do. But it’s fun to try."

Bucho’s been around for about six years. Group leader Pease says they began as a guitar-based band and slowly evolved into something more eclectic. "Started out a little heavier, ended up doing some really cool old-school horn band combined with like neo R&B soul. We’re big hip hop fans, big jazz fans."

Gerald Pease says bands usually fall apart after 3 or 4 years, so the fact Bucho is still together after six is testament to the band’s persistence.

And Pease says they’ve all been through a lot together. "The worst thing being, we were in a pretty bad touring accident in 2003. We had a back tire blowout and our van flipped four times. That was a little set back but we didn’t stop you know."

Pease still uses a cane to walk around because of nerve damage to his left foot. He says the accident has changed his life and is reflected in the band’s forthcoming album tentatively titled Omit the Harsh. "For some reason this band doesn’t stop. We’ve been in accidents, people have moved but yet everybody still keeps this together because we know it’s special and it’s a family."

Bucho perfoms at Fairytale Town from 6 to 8 PM on Wednesday, August 3rd. Their new album comes out in late August.