Big Naturalization Ceremony Held In Sacramento

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(Sacramento, CA)
Wednesday, July 6, 2005

"Please stand and raise your right hand and repeat after me..." Wednesday's event at Sacramento State’s Hornet Stadium was one of the largest naturalization ceremonies ever held in Sacramento. "It’s 1,388 people walking into this stadium from 94 countries and people from one country walking out."

US Citizenship and Immigration Services spokeswoman Sharon Rummery says they usually naturalize about 800 new citizens a month in Sacramento, but throughout the country this week the agency is holding larger ceremonies called Celebrate Citizenship, Celebrate America.

Kathy Mairzshu of Iran was one of the people who took the oath. "I am so excited, unbelievable. I’ve been waiting for this for a long time – eight years. This is a wonderful country, land of opportunity and I feel good here, I feel safe."

"Congratulations new citizens." Another ceremony is scheduled for Thursday in San Francisco.