Theatre Review: Sierra Rep's "Sound of Music"

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(Columbia, CA)
Monday, July 4, 2005

Being a reviewer, I’ve seen “The Sound of Music” many times. I’m a fool for the songs, but I often have a problem with the on-stage relationship between Captain von Trapp and Maria. Typically, he comes off as wooden, dictatorial and emotionally remote, while she’s smart and spontaneous, making the romance that’s supposed to develop between them seem very unrealistic.

Sierra Repertory Theatre has come up with a novel solution. They’ve cast a pair or real-life newlyweds as the Captain and Maria. And it really works, there’s genuine chemistry. Admittedly, actor Michael Ludlum looks kinda young to be playing a guy with seven kids. But I’ll take believable love over logic in a musical any day. Julie Ludlum is delightful as Maria, while director Tim Irving maneuvers the action skillfully, making the small stage look bigger than it really is. And the songs will keep your toe tapping.

Sierra Rep’s production of “The Sound of Music” is at the Fallon House in Columbia State Historic Park through August 21