Governor and Lawmakers Meet, Still No Budget Deal

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, July 4, 2005

On Saturday, the two Democratic legislative leaders emerged from meetings with their G-O-P counterparts and the Governor, saying they were “stuck” and “confused”.  Republicans want to deal with ongoing spending they say will lead to future budget shortfalls, while Democrats say they’re concerned about hurting services to needy Californians.  

Sunday, Democratic Assembly Speaker Fabian Nunez appeared somewhat more optimistic following the Big Five meeting. 

 “Everybody was bringing solutions to the table.  I feel really good about where we are.”
Assembly Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy agreed Sunday’s meeting was productive and that staff will analyze some of the resulting ideas. 

 “Ways that we can actually spend less money and live within our means.” 

 McCarthy says Governor Schwarzenegger has served as a facilitator in the talks with the four legislative leaders.