Fireworks Legal In Manteca

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(Manteca, CA)
Friday, July 1, 2005

For over forty years Manteca banned citizens from buying or using fireworks within the city limits.
But that law has been rescinded, so now, residents can buy the so-called Safe and Sane fireworks at fourteen designated sites throughout the city, and ignite them on the fourth.

"Thank you. Sorry for the wait."
"No problem."  

Rick, a life long Manteca resident has just purchased sixty dollars worth of fireworks at a city-approved stand. He's happy he can now buy and use fireworks in his hometown.

"It's just part of the fourth of July. It's part of barbeques and the hot dogs and apple pie, and so I'm glad they did it."

Frank Mendes, a volunteer at one of the fireworks booths, says sales benefit public service agencies.

"They're mostly charitable organizations. Band boosters and things like that."

Manteca Fire Chief George Quaresma is concerned that now that the ban has been lifted, some people will try to sell or discharge devices that don't meet safety standards.

"All fireworks aren't legal. Just the safe and sane registered fireworks."

Anyone found selling or igniting illegal fireworks are subject to a citation and fine.