Corrections Reorganization Goes Into Effect

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(Sacramento, CA)
Friday, July 1, 2005

The newly named California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation will continue to be led by Rod Hickman.  He says the reorganized prison system will promote efficiency and integrity. 
"First and foremost I wanta make sure everyone understands that we are an agency of reform. 
  The newly effective changes were preceded by a federal judge’s decision to name a “receiver” to run the troubled billion-dollar state prison medical system.
Hickman says he welcomes the move, as does Democratic State Senator Gloria Romero who has repeatedly criticized waste and cruelty in the prison system.  She supports the judge’s move.  "The receiver can have unprecedented powers, can hire, can dismiss, can change salary structures, can look at contracts, can order change in a way that the current leadership cannot do.  It is a profound action! "
  Besides the prison reorganization and the federal takeover of prison health, July first also marks the start of a no-tobacco policy in all state prisons.