Report Regarding Milk Supply Criticized

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(Modesto, CA)
Thursday, June 30, 2005

The report, by Stanford University professor Lawrence Wein, was published this week by the National Academy of Sciences. In the article Wein details how terrorists, by injecting a small amount of botulism toxin into the milk supply, could kill hundreds of thousands of people and cause billions of dollars in economic losses.

Noting the importance of milk production in the valley, Bill Yoshomoto, who heads a rural crime organization says the publication was irresponsible.
"I'm worried about those people who are still out there on the fringes that now have in a sense, a blueprint, to commit a very heinous act here in the United States."
The academy says the article doesn't include information that isn't already available to the public in one form or another. A spokesman for a dairy organization says since the nine/eleven attacks farmers and processors have ratcheted up security. But he adds that there are still precautions that could be taken.

 Farmers meanwhile, are concerned the publicity generated by the report will scare consumers.