Legislature To Vote Again Thursday on Budget

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(Sacramento, CA)
Wednesday, June 29, 2005

The new fiscal year begins Friday, but it appears highly unlikely that a budget can be passed in time.  Assembly Speaker Fabian Nunez says talks among Democrats, Republicans, and the governor continue, but without resolution. He referred to the governor’s comments last week on the theatrics of budget negotiations. "We are tired of the Kabuki.  We wanta tango, but it takes two to tango. "
  Rob Stutzman, Governor Schwarzenegger’s chief spokesman, says, a budget deal is near. "We’re makin’ progress.  Staff is having very productive meetings.  And I think it’ll result in a very good budget either by the end of this week or sometime next week. "
  Stutzman insists the Democrats must agree to limit on-going spending increases or else agree to give the governor mid-year spending cut authority before Republicans will vote for a budget.  Speaker Nunez says the Democrats’ plan is responsible, honest, and on time.