Senate Democrats Unveil Redistricting Proposal

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(Sacramento, CA)
Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Democratic Senator Alan Lowenthal says his bill is an attempt toward compromise on the issue of re-districting with Governor Schwarzenegger.

Currently legislative and congressional district lines are drawn by state lawmakers. Lowenthal’s proposal would create a citizens’ commission of seven members to do it-- including some appointed by legislative leaders and the Governor.  The initiative backed by Schwarzenegger that’s already qualified for the special election ballot in November would have new district lines drawn by a group of retired judges.  But Lowenthal says his plan ensures diversity. 

“And can really bring in a transparent way all the input that really needs to be done to ensure that re-districting really does reflect communities of interest, follows the federal voting rights act”
However early reaction from the administration is that the Democrats’ plan still gives legislators too much influence over the way their own district lines are drawn.