Schwarzenegger Will Host Obesity Summit

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(Sacramento, CA)
Tuesday, June 28, 2005

The official title of the September 15th event is the Governor’s Summit on Health, Nutrition, and Obesity to Shape Up California.
State First Lady Maria Shriver says 120 national experts and state policy makers will focus on practical solutions. "Tell me what works. And they say well we know more what doesn’t work.  And we’re trying to figure out really what works.   But we know need to bring people to the table, not assign blame, not assign guilt, but empower them with things that work."
  State Health Secretary Kim Belshe says California has gained 360 million pounds in the past decade. "We view this as the number one public health challenge that we need to be taking on.  And doing so with innovative fresh approaches.   So we’re gonna continue to press our case. "
  Belshe says obesity is an epidemic that costs the state 28 billion dollars a year in medical bills, injuries, and lost productivity.