Agency Says Cows Leading Polluters

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(Modesto, CA)
Tuesday, June 28, 2005

The pollution control agency says a scientific panel, using a new formula, determined that the each of the two million cows in the valley annually generates over twenty pounds of the gas that forms smog. That's about twice as much as previously thought.

Sayed Sadredin of the Air Pollution Control District says if that figure is permanently adopted by the agency, many moderate-sized dairies would require permits.

"If this factor is adopted at it's present form then a dairy with about 700 to one thousand cows would require permits."

That would mean nearly a third of the 15-hundred dairies in the valley would require a permit. Currently about 220 have permits.

Pointing out that obtaining and holding a permit can be costly, farmers are upset with the new figure. They're also questioning the science behind it.

They'll get the opportunity to voice their concerns at a public hearing scheduled for July 11th.

At least one diary organization is threatening to sue over the revised standard.