Bill to Provide Health Insurance for CA National Guard

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, June 27, 2005

Angelides says a large number of California’s 21 thousand National Guard troops - and their spouses and children -  do not have medical insurance.
Angelides says it’s a scandal that also weakens the force. 
  "The Pentagon is saying that 7 per cent or so of the Guard members, because of lack of health insurance, aren’t ready to serve in terms of physical condition, when they’re called up."
  Angelides and Democratic Assemblyman Lloyd Levine are amending a bill to require California-based multinational corporations to pay at least some tax when they sell off a subsidiary to a corporation based in another state.  The assemblyman says closing the loophole would bring the state 55 million dollars, which could be used to offer Guard members a four thousand dollar tax credit for purchase of health insurance.