Democrats to Propose Special Election Alternatives

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(Sacramento, CA)
Friday, June 24, 2005

Senate President Pro tem Don Perata says an alternative is in the works to the governor’s plan to let retired judges redraw political district boundary lines.  "We have a redistricting proposal that we’re ready to roll out, which has been part of the discussion that we’ve had downstairs.  So we have done some things that we think go more than halfway. "
  Legislative leaders and the governor have hinted for months that a grand compromise, involving the budget, budget reform, pensions, redistricting, and perhaps other issues could wind up on the November ballot.
Secretary of State Bruce McPherson, the state’s top elections official, says lawmakers still have about seven weeks to act.  "The legislature should have it done by mid-August if they want to put it on the ballot without extra costs imposed. "
  McPherson says going beyond Mid-August would require the printing and mailing of millions of supplemental ballot pamphlets, which would add to the already unpopular cost of the special election.