Lodi Offers To Help F-B-I Terrorism Probe

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(Lodi, CA)
Monday, June 20, 2005

Lodi Mayor John Beckman says the city's police force has worked for years to get to know the Muslim community and win it's confidence. Beckman says the F-B-I could accelerate it's investigation by accepting the offer of help from local police.

"If the F-B-I were to coordinate with our police officers they probably would have had most of the information they were looking for already."

Beckman says Muslims have told him that they would like a Lodi police officer present during F-B-I interviews. The mayor thinks such an arrangement would help investigators.

"They'd like to have the interviews and interrogations done at the Lodi Police Department. They'd like to have a Lodi police officer present. They have indicated to me that they'd be a lot more willing to cooperate if they just had those assurances."
A spokeswoman for the F-B-I said the agency always welcomes assistance from local police, but they have to be judicious as to who has access to confidential information.