Legislation Cracks Down on Pedicure Procedures

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, June 20, 2005
The President of the state Board of Cosmetology says the bill by Assemblyman Leland Yee will add muscle to existing regulations on cleaning standards for pedicure equipment.  Yee says his bill will help prevent the types of recent infectious outbreaks linked to pedicure salons in California. 
 “You cannot, with this particular industry, just leave it alone.” 
Among other things, Yee’s bill would require posted notices if a salon has been cited for health violations.  However, Sacramento-area salon owner Laura DuPriest says adding to the state’s inspection system would give the public more confidence. 
 “You know if that license is up there, that gives the public a false sense of security, and I think that we need to have a regular system of enforcement and perhaps this legislation would create a better enforcement of cleanliness in salons.” 
The President of the Board of Cosmetology acknowledges budget constraints but says nine new inspectors were hired this year.  As for Leland Yee’s bill it was approved by the state Assembly and will be heard in the Senate Business and Professions committee later this month.