Expert says Terrorist Investigation A Challenge for F-B-I

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, June 20, 2005

The F-B-I investigation has resulted in the arrests of two Muslim men. The agency says they lied about involvement in a terrorist training camp in Pakistan. Three other Muslims have been detained on immigration-related matters.

Muslims in Lodi have charged that the investigative tactics of the F-B-I are intimidating and possibly unconstitutional. Last week Muslims held a public protest in Sacramento.

William Vizzard, a criminal justice professor at C-S-U Sacramento, says for the F-B-I, this case is particularly difficult and he's not surprised there's friction between the agency and the Muslim community.

"I presume they don't have a lot of other evidence because what took place, took place allegedly in Pakistan . One the other hand they have to protect individual rights and constitutional rights. There's always a tension there."       

Given the gravity of the charges and the potential for discord because of cultural differences, Professor Vizzard says it's probable that supervisors of the F-B-I are closely monitoring the activity of the field agents.