Legislative Leaders Say Budget Deal May Be Near

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(Sacramento, CA)
Thursday, June 16, 2005

Republican Senate Leader Dick Ackerman said he met with the Governor right after Wednesday’s failed budget vote.   "Our desire was to not have the Big Five to do it, to have the legislature do it.  And he agreed to that and I said that’s what we’re workin’ on and I told him we were having negotiations and discussions today.  And he said 'good.'"  

The Senate’s top Democrat, President Pro tem Don Perata says the differences between the Democrats’ budget and the governor’s are quite narrow and an agreement could be reached before the July first start of the new fiscal year.  "This is pretty close to the governor’s May Revise, and if we can just nail down a couple ends of the carpet, I think we’ll be ready to go. " 

The Assembly Speaker Fabian Nunez told the Sacramento Press Club that he’s open to a comprehensive “global” agreement.    He says there will be no more secret negotiations with the governor.   "We’re gonna be more public about the fact that we meet in private."

  Nunez says he’ll make public next week details of recent private negotiations with the governor’s staff on the budget as well as on redistricting, term limits and pension reform.