Central Valley Farmers Concerned About Terrorism

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(Modesto, CA)
Thursday, June 16, 2005

Even before the attacks of nine-eleven those in agriculture were concerned that enemies of the United States might contaminate the food supply.

Bill Yoshimoto who heads a task force in California on rural crime says farm interests are constantly working on plans to either deter terrorists or mitigate the damage in case of an attack.

"This is a prime place if you want attack agriculture. And it's not something that has gone past our minds, we're very aware of that here in the Central Valley."

Yoshimoto and others in law enforcement, say the rural, friendly nature of the Valley makes it hospitable to terrorists.

"You may not even be contemplating doing something here locally, but yet you could operate your cell out of here to do something let's say in Washington D.C."

So far there haven't been any acts of terrorism in the Valley. Yoshimoto and others warn it's just a matter or time.