On Time Budget Fails to Pass in Assembly

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(Sacramento, CA)
Wednesday, June 15, 2005

A relatively short debate preceded the vote.   Budget committee chairman John Laird led off for the Democrats.   "Today is June 15th.  Most of the so-called experts thought we’d never be able to provide a real balanced and on-time budget.  The budget that we present today, on-time and complete, proves them wrong. " 

Democrats said the budget was very similar to the revised plan submitted by Governor Schwarzenegger last month. But G-O-P member Mike Villines said the 700 page bill was only printed Tuesday.   "Mr. Speaker, members, there is no way 89 billion dollars of budget can be rationally debated and  discussed, and voted on when it’s been in print for maybe  24 hours and maybe less." 

The budget bill fell nine votes short of the two thirds majority required.  Leaders of both parties said negotiations are now needed to narrow differences.