Outcome of Ballot Initiatives Too Close To Call

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(Modesto, CA)
Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Groups for and against Governor Schwarzenegger's ballot initiatives are expected to be quite active between now and November. Observers are divided as to whether the voters will approve the measures, but all agree millions of dollars will be raised on spent trying to influence the public.

Carol Whiteside the President of the Great Valley Center says Schwarzenegger might have a slight edge in the Valley because of his popularity in the region.

"Having said that I think that the jury's still out because both sides will put lots of money, lots of time and attention into this. And I think a lot of voters are undecided at this point."

City and county officials are analyzing the initiatives to determine what impact they could have on their respective governments.
Election officials in the financially strapped counties in the Valley were happy to hear that the state says it's going to pick up the tab for the extra costs incurred by the special election.