New Anti-Schwarzenegger Radio Ads

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(Sacramento, CA)
Tuesday, June 14, 2005

“Doggone it, he made a promise to my kids and my schools, and he needs to keep that promise.” Teachers Association President Barbara Kerr says the special election is a waste.

"This election will not do anything to help the people of California.  It certainly won’t do anything to help our students, our public schools, and our teachers. "Kerr says Schwarzenegger should stop fundraising and focus on the budget.  The governor’s press secretary Margita Thomson says Schwarzenegger will remain available while he campaigns.

"The governor will definitely be out promoting the reform agenda with the people.  But he’ll also be available to be in Sacramento for whatever meetings and discussions need to happen here."

Democrats in the legislature are expected to unveil their education spending reform plan Wednesday at the Capitol before bringing a budget bill to a vote late in the day.