Governor Prepares To Call Special Election

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, June 13, 2005

Schwarzenegger must act Monday if the election is to be held November eighth, when a number of other local elections are already scheduled.  A spokesman for the governor, Vince Solitto, says talks with Democrats over a range of issues won’t stop after the announcement.   "The governor will continue to meet with legislators, whether it’s one on one or in group settings.  He’s done both in recent weeks.  And that will certainly occur. " 

 Two centerpieces of the governor’s agenda- the Live Within Our Means budget initiative and a redistricting reform initiative -have now qualified for the ballot. 

 Political analyst Tony Quinn says Democrats seem as eager for a fight as Schwarzenegger.   "The Democrats, looking at the polling data, are fairly confident that they can beat all, or at least most of the governor’s proposals."   Quinn says Californians should get ready to be irritated by a hugely expensive media campaign between now and November on issues they will barely understand.