Governor Calls Fall Special Election

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, June 13, 2005

Schwarzenegger spoke live from his corner office in the state Capitol in a rare statewide TV and radio address.  The governor had hoped his action would be the top story of the day, but had to share limelight with the Michael Jackson verdict.
But the state’s election calendar did not allow him to delay. 

"Today was decision day. The deadline for a special election this November.  With those millions of people who signed petitions standing behind me, today I signed the proclamation calling for a special election."

Californians will have to endure almost five more months of what is already intense media-heavy campaigning.  Voters will say YEA or NAY to Schwarzenegger’s “Live Within Our Means” budget cap initiative and on other measures including changing the way legislative districts are redrawn and lengthening the time teachers must teach before getting tenure.