The National Guard is Trying New Recruiting Techniques

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(Sacramento, CA)
Friday, June 10, 2005

General John Alexander is acting head of the California National Guard.  He says there are ongoing efforts to recruit new people and admits it’s an uphill battle.

“We’re still a little short of our goal, we’re looking for about 16-thousand total and we’re about eight-hundred away from that.” 

Alexander says the Army National Guard is seeking recruits beyond high school age—up to 25 years old and is investing in what he calls “mobile recruiting units” to go where potential soldiers are. 

“Those soldiers are in different social situations whether it be at a beach or a conference or a concert, and we cannot just sit as we have in years past and sit in a fixed facility, a storefront recruiting facility.”

As for a permanent replacement for General Eres, Alexander says he does not know if he’s a candidate for appointment by the Governor.