Governor Will Make Supreme Court Appointment Soon

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(Sacramento, CA)
Thursday, June 9, 2005

The confirmation of Justice Janice Rogers Brown to the U S Circuit Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia creates a vacancy on California’s seven-member Supreme Court.  There has been much speculation that because Brown is African-American, the governor should appoint a black justice to replace her.  Republican Assemblyman Tom Harman, vice chairman of the Assembly Judiciary Committee, says California does not have a tradition of appointing Supreme Court justices based on race. 
"I’m not sure that has developed here in California and whether there would be a movement to have an African-American take that seat. "
Governor Schwarzenegger’s appointee must first be scrutinized by the state Bar then approved by the three member Commission on Judicial Appointments.  Once the new state Supreme Court justice is sworn in, he or she must then face confirmation by state voters at the November 2006 state ballot.