Governor Calls for Unity at Prayer Breakfast

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(Sacramento, CA)
Wednesday, June 8, 2005

Schwarzenegger told several hundred clergy and lay leaders that bipartisan unity is needed at this critical point in the state’s history.

"And let me tell you, in the next few weeks that it will be very crucial for us both to work together and not attack each other, because this is not going to help anybody, but to work together to solve the problems. "
The governor is expected to issue an executive order next Monday calling for a special statewide election November eighth.  Next Wednesday is the constitutional deadline for the legislature to pass the annual budget bill.
The governor was introduced by Fresno mayor Alan Autry, who said the governor is sometimes late to events, but is a master of timing. 
 "I think we should look at the governor like Jesus.  You know he’s comin’, you just don’t know when. (laughter fade)"