Kids At Risk During Summer Months

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(Sacramento, CA)
Tuesday, June 7, 2005

Summer can be a dangerous time for unsupervised kids. "Some of the greatest times of danger and risk for children are when they are out of school and particularly in the summer." Aaron Jiron of the California School-Age Consortium, a statewide organization of child care professionals, says research by the National Safe Kids Campaign found that injury-related deaths go up by 25-percent in the summer, often when kids are alone.

He says parents can find a safe haven for their kids in organized settings and he says it’s important to pick the right program. "Well what’s key is that a program matches the interest of their child so if your child is really interested in art or physical activity you want to find a program that’s going to be attractive to them. Secondly they really need to look for a place that they’d be comfortable leaving their child."

And he says the Sacramento area has a number of affordable summer programs at community centers and park districts. He says summer programs have a number of benefits including promoting academic success.