Speaker Nunez calls Gay Marriage Debate "Uplifting."

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(Sacramento, CA)
Friday, June 3, 2005

The vote on the Marriage Equality Act bill was delayed hours as author Mark Leno tried to round up the 41 votes needed. Although Assembly Speaker Fabian Nunez had endorsed and co-sponsored Leno’s bill, he did not twist the arms of reluctant moderate Democrats.   In the end, the bill fell four votes short, but Speaker Nunez said the defeat was honorable.

"I thought it was a very uplifting experience to be honest with you. And I felt very good about the result. The result being that we elevated the debate around which people are more comfortable discussing gay marriage."

Gay marriage may be dead for this year in the legislature, but the issue is still alive in the courts.  Meanwhile a conservative group calling itself VoteYesMarriage dot com is proposing a ballot initiative that would place a prohibition on gay marriage into the state constitution.  Backers say a constitutional amendment would effectively end the gay marriage debate in California.