Local Residents Uncertain About Gov's Reform Plans

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(Sacramento, CA)
Friday, June 3, 2005

The survey found that 56% think the governor’s doing a good job. That’s down nearly 10% from last year, but it’s still well above the rest of California. Statewide it’s only 40%.

Pollster Amy Liu with the Institute for Social Research at Sacramento State says the numbers are consistent with results from a year ago. "It’s kind of the same pattern we observed last year – people here in the Sacramento region are much more positive about the governor than in the state as a whole."

But she says with the exception of the teacher merit pay initiative, they’re not too thrilled with the governor’s political reforms. "What we found out is that a lot of people really don’t quite understand what the four reforms are about or haven’t formed opinions yet."

52% said they didn’t know much about the governor’s redistricting plan. Meantime 63% support the merit pay initiative, 38% back pension reform and 48% support the state spending plan. The telephone survey was conducted in February and March.