Schwarzenegger Cigar Tent Threatened

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(Sacramento, CA)
Thursday, May 26, 2005

The bill’s author, Democrat Juan Vargas, says his bill would ban smoking in open-air courtyards surrounded by the four walls of a public building.  He says health concerns, not the governor’s tent is the bill’s target, but that Schwarzenegger should see the light and stop smoking.

  "Smoking these cigars are gonna kill ya.  And you’ve got a beautiful family, a really wonderful wife and all these kids.  They don’t need a dead Terminator.  They need a live one."

  Republican Assemblyman Ray Haynes says Vargas’ bill is the worst bill he’s seen in his thirteen years at the Capitol.

  "We should be worried bout balancing the budget.  We should be worrying about whether or not we’re building enough freeways for people to get to work on time.  And we’re worrying about whether or not the governor is smoking cigars.  You know, give me a break!"

  Governor Schwarzenegger has already said nothing will stop him from smoking stogies at the Capitol.

The full Assembly will vote on the courtyard smoking ban next week.