UC Workers Strike On Thursday

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(Sacramento, CA)
Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Members of the University Professional and Technical Employees union say they’re frustrated over stalled contract talks and are protesting what they call UC’s bad faith bargaining. Scott Hubanks is a computer resource specialist at U-C Davis’ microbiology department. “We haven’t had a raise in three years. We got 0% last year, 0% the year before and ½% the year before that. But this isn’t just about money. This is about keeping UC the world class institution that it is.”

University of California spokesman Noel Van Nyhuis says they’ve been trying to get the union to join in state-assisted mediation but the union refuses.

"It’s awfully disingenuous to be calling a strike based on unfair labor practices when they’re only using a strike to put pressure on the university as opposed to fair bargaining at the negotiations table."

Van Nyhuis says each UC campus and medical center will make sure that the strike doesn’t disrupt normal operations. Locally, about 480 workers at the UC Davis Med Center and UCD campus belong to the union.