Schwarzenegger Speaks to State Business Leaders

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(Sacramento, CA)
Wednesday, May 25, 2005

A small group of union nurses and teachers briefly tried to interrupt the governor’s speech to the State Chamber of Commerce’s annual Golden State Breakfast, but Schwarzenegger quickly made his point that unions, like the California Teachers Association and others, do not focus on the public interest.

"They have unions for the teachers. They have unions for the government employees.  They have unions for the service employees. They have unions for all those grown-ups, the adults.  But there is no union there for our children."

  At the Capitol, preparations were underway for a massive anti-Schwarzenegger union rally.  Carroll Wills, spokesman for the thirty-thousand member California Professional Firefighters group, said the governor’s rhetoric has a good side.

  "Governor Schwarzenegger has been the single best motivating factor for working people in California since Pete Wilson, and maybe even including Pete Wilson."

  Wills said the unions are gearing up to fight and defeat efforts to curb union power that they expect will be on a special election ballot this fall.