Vintners Market Via the Internet

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(Modesto, CA)
Monday, May 23, 2005

Now that the U-S Supreme Court has paved the way for more states to participate in the interstate sale of wine, many California vintners are gearing up to market their products.

Jeremy Benson, a spokesman for an organization of independent wineries, says a lot of the marketing will be conducted over the Internet.

"Many of the small and medium sized wineries particularly are going to be ramping up their direct to consumer sales efforts through e-mails, through wine clubs, through visits to their tasting rooms."

Some businesses link consumers with wineries via the Internet.
WineWeb Enterprises of Santa Fe, New Mexico, serves as a middleman according to company President Ron Kreutzer.

"If the winery sells it direct, it can go directly to the wineries' order form or we provide services to the wineries where we would do the ordering processing for them."

Industry analysts say it's going to be a while more states approve legislation allowing direct shipping.
California vintners say they want to be ready when that time arrives.