Sex Offender Information

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(Modesto, CA)
Monday, May 23, 2005

Since late last year California residents could check a website that lists the identities and last know location of convicted sex offenders living in the state.
Now the SCAN USA Corporation, a high tech security company, has launched a free service that tracks paroled sex offenders and alerts subscribers if a predator moves into their neighborhood. 

Lou Schwartz, the President of SCAN USA, says all registered sex offenders in the country will be monitored daily. 

"Not only will it allow to see who's in the zip code, but the scan service will actually alert you of any new sex offender who moves into the neighborhood." 

Citizens and public safety agencies, including police departments, can receive the alerts by cell phone, pager, e-mail and fax.

Schwarz says the service will soon be expanded to other states.
SCAN USA says corporate sponsors are underwriting some of the cost of providing the alert service.