Residents Urged To Help Fight Mosquitoes

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, May 23, 2005

Vector ecologist Jamesina Scott with the Placer Mosquito Abatement District says residents play an important role in keeping the mosquito population in check. “The mosquitoes that are the major vectors of West Nile are the mosquitoes that breed in your backyard so by going out into your yard once or twice a week and dumping any over containers that hold water, you’re literally reducing the risk of West Nile in your own backyard.”

Scott says they expect to see an increase in West Nile activity because this is the second year the virus has been in California. “What we’ve seen across the country is that the second year the virus is in the area, we see more dead birds from West Nile, more sick horses and more human cases.”

She says the district will provide free mosquito-eating fish to people who have ponds or fountains to help stop the mosquito population from growing.