Immigrant Day Rally at State Capitol

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, May 23, 2005

Reshma Shamasunder is Director of the California Immigrant Welfare Collaborative and organizer of the ninth California Immigration Day rally.  She says Schwarzenegger’s support for the Minuteman group is on everyone’s mind.

"Immigrants are very angry and upset because this really is inviting, you know, kind of armed civilians to come into our state and it, you know, can be a violation of civil rights, human rights."

  Sacramento resident James Davis was one of two counter protesters at the rally, carrying a hand-written sign urging California to close its border with Mexico.                                                

"You see, we can’t budget our own state right now and we have all these immigrants comin' over clogging the system, and that makes it that much worse."

After the outdoor rally, immigrants filed into the Capitol to lobby lawmakers before returning to their buses and the drive home.