State Jobless Rate Holds Steady in April

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(Sacramento, CA)
Friday, May 20, 2005

California’s jobless rate held steady at five point four per cent of the state workforce – unchanged from March but down a full one per cent from a year ago.

State chief economist Howard Roth says a survey of households last month showed almost 16 point eight million Californians had jobs, a new record.  Roth says when the word gets outs that the job climate is good, there could be an unintended consequence.

 " As we continue to gain jobs like this, we may have a rush of people back into the labor force.  And for a while there we may have somewhat higher unemployment rate until they find jobs.  But I think we’re doing well.  We’re on track."

  There was growth last month in nine of the eleven job categories tracked by the Employment Development Department with stronger growth in Southern California than in the Bay Area. Economist Howard Roth predicts continued statewide improvement thru the end of the year.